You deserve nothing. People espouse this idea that we deserve to be happy, we deserve love, we deserve respect. I don’t know where this idea comes from. Why do you deserve to be happy? And if everyone deserves it, what is even the point of saying that? If you truly believe that everyone deserves to be happy, then you must also know that not everyone is, so then why make the distinction? If everyone deserves it, then nobody does. It’s easier to say that happiness is up for grabs for anyone who decides to pursue it. The word ‘deserve’ implies that it’s something that should be given to you, by someone else, when we all know that is not how the world works. 

We deserve nothing. If you want something, you have to work towards it, no matter how difficult for you that may be, and the universe will give the thing to you when you have done enough work, and that amount will differ vastly from person to person, from situation to situation, and when you get it, then you can truly say that you deserve it, because you have concrete proof that you indeed have it. You’ve tested the idea of ‘I deserve this’ against the brutal reality of the world and the world has said yes, but at that point, once you have it, the word ‘deserve’ loses all its meaning. It’s meaningless to deserve something you already have. 

If you feel you deserve something you don’t have, the universe clearly disagrees. Why have we created this weird world of what is right and wrong outside of the real world? If you have an idea or a claim, or a hypothesis, you have the world to test it against, there is nothing more brutally honest than the universe, there is no ambiguity.

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