I don’t mean from the point of it’s a stupid way to spend your personal time, but the concept of watching someone juggle is the dumbest fucking thing ever. It’s like “watch me do this thing I’ve practiced for a hundred hours for no reason, be impressed. Be impressed by me”. It feels so needy. Nobody asked you to do that, it serves no function other than what it is. The skills aren’t really trasnferrable, there’s no goal, no point to it, just throwing balls in the air. I have nothing against people who juggle, but I do have something against people juggling in front of me, as in showing me their juggling. It’s so self-serving. Look at me do this thing. Look at me. It seems like so many people learn to juggle only to be able to show it off.

Nobody fucking asked you to do this dumb shit. You’re raping my eyes with your shitty balls in the air. You’re invading my eyesight with your stupid talent.

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