If aliens exist, and it seems likely that they do, and they come to visit us, that would mean their technology is so far advanced beyond ours that they’d think we’re total fucking monkeys. Imagine a few generations down the line, when we’ve advanced our rocket tech or whatever, and we start sending rockets out to colonize other planets. It would take a long time before we actually attempted to send ships out to explore other planets with life on them. The same goes for out potential visitors, we would be simpleminded idiots to them. They would probably spare us because they’d feel bad about killing such an underdeveloped species. Kind of like how you don’t pick on the retarded kid in school, just wouldn’t be right.

But we can’t show the aliens that we care what they think, we have to be strong. If they come here we just have to act all nonchalant about it, or hit em back a bit. Like implying they’re fucking nerds with their dumb rockets or whatever. Make them think we’re so cool that they want us to like them. If we can’t be the nerds of the universe, we’re sure as hell not gonna be the bullied losers, we’re gonna be the cool bullies who don’t do so well in school, who don’t read so good but smokes behind the bike shed and has anger issues.

Maybe this freeform way of writing isn’t such a good idea, I thought it’d be interesting to just open my brain and start writing whatever comes out, but I’m starting to think I’m just an idiot.

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