I’m sitting here, having a particularly crap day. I’ve had 2 beers and almost a whole bottle of Bulleit Bourbon. I’m pretty breezy, and I just caught myself feeling sorry for myself. That wording sucks but whatever, fuck you. But the second I started feeling sorry for myself I immediately started laughing. Because I’ve done everything in my power today to have a shitty day, and I have the audacity to feel sorry for myself. I’ve not exercised, I’ve eating shitty food, and I’ve had a LOT of alcohol, I’m probably gonna finish the bottle of bourbon before I go to bed knowing myself. I’m wathcing Notting Hill, which is making me sad because I’m lonely and nobody loves me. Tomorrow I’m gonna wake up and feel like shit, not only because of the hangover, but also because I’ll know I wasted another day doing absolutely nothin to improve my life. So, tomorrow I’m going to one thing that will help my future. No matter how little it is I’m gonna do it. Because right now my life is a god damn trainwreck, and in ten years when I look back on this period in my life I’m gonna see it as a dip before the rise, the darkness before dawn. I will thrive. Maybe not in your definition of thriving, but in my life I will thrive. And if you don’t like it I’m gonna punch you in the dick (or vagina if you’re one of those people).

Whatever, seeya im drucnk fuck u

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