People these days are so quick to call things a human right. I think I’m spending too much time on twitter maybe, but it seems like people are proclaiming anything good to be a human right. You don’t deserve love just by default. You don’t deserve happiness by default. You deserve exactly what you have.

I’m a cynical asshole, sure. But if you deserve something, you’ll have it. Be it negative or positive, you deserve it. The universe, in its callous, brutal, unforgiving wisdon, does not give or take anything that is not deserved. The only thing we can do is the best with what we are given.

You don’t deserve love.

You don’t deserve happiness.

You work for it, if you achieve it you deserve it, if you don’t, you don’t.

(That being said there are people with an overabundance of material goods who deserve to die a horrible painful death, but one of my life goals is to make sure they get it.

I will burn you. And I will eat you.)

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