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the excuses we make to not go outsite, eh?

The sun is shining A beautiful day today No clouds in the sky Exhaust from the cars There is concrete everywhere These shapes don’t fit in Alone together We languish and we decline Our end surely nigh I wish to leave here Escaping to the forest Escape the grind

i’m being very edgy

I’m being very edgy and stupid lately. It’s because I only write when I’m drunk. Because I can only feel anything when I drink nowadays, and I have to feel something to write. Part of me wants to die, but part of me wants to explore how much further into the depths I can reach.

love is not a human right

People these days are so quick to call things a human right. I think I’m spending too much time on twitter maybe, but it seems like people are proclaiming anything good to be a human right. You don’t deserve love just by default. You don’t deserve happiness by default. You deserve exactly what you have.…

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